Caneuon Gwerin

Archwilio ac arddangos caneuon Gwerin o Gymru / Exploring and showcasing folk songs from Wales

About Ffion


Ffion Mair

I am a young folk singer originally from Wales but currently living in Hertfordshire. I have won several singing awards including third prize in the 2012 Trad to Mad competition, Best Celtic Folk Singer at Llangollen Eisteddfod 2011 and I was a New Roots Finalist in 2010.

I perform as a solo singer and with The Foxglove Trio. I also play and call for ceilidhs and am currently working with The Spring Healed Jacks.

Fuller biography to follow but leave a comment below if there’s anything particular you’d like to know about me!

4 thoughts on “About Ffion

  1. Chris ONeill on said:

    Folk keep telling me that Os Daw Fy Nghariad is a popular song: but this is the first time I’ve heard it sung. I think you capture its mix of wistfulness and a kind of robust cruelty perfectly.
    I’m also always enthused by performers who have the confidence to handle folk tunes in simple arrangements and deliveries. There is room for ‘authentic’ instrumentation and confection, of course; but I still prefer the natural folk tradition as I hear it in early Mabsant, Delyth Jenkins, and your work.


  2. You are a wonderful musician. The recordings are exquisite. “Myn Mair” brings tears to the eyes. Up till now, I knew nothing of the plygain tradition. (I ended up here in the first place because I wanted to hear “Y Deryn Pur”.) Thanks for your highly readable, erudite bilingual commentaries as well – I’m learning so much from this site/blog.


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